- May 19, 2015 -

As the Trolley Turns

Pretty soon, you’re going to come in and notice something is just a little different.  The place looks the same, the same faces serve up your hearts’ desires, and the food smells delicious and satisfying…but…

All things come to an end.  […]

- February 28, 2015 -

Chef Statement:

Our greatest goal here at the Trolley Stop is to serve fresh, local, scratch-made food that is affordable and delicious. We are always looking for ways to utilize locally sourced items and products so that we can deliver good quality […]

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- February 18, 2015 -

The Chili, the Patio, the Pork and the People

We get positive press for several things, but for the past few months, hiring on Chef Don really made people happy.

He helped us recreate our traditional menu items, and made them fresh and healthy(er). He has helped us eliminate canned and […]