- May 26, 2017 -

Running of the Wieners 2017

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50! dedicated Wiener dogs ran the track this year, with glorious costumes and well-hatted observers. The meet-up was at Brim on Fifth Street; the wiener parade trotted down Fifth Street to the Trolley Stop, and onto Clay Street. The track, 100 ft, had room for 8 runners, with their persons at each end. There were 7 races and everyone got a prize or food. Details and video can be seen – on Facebook, Instagram, and on TV 2, and Amelia Robinson did a great recapsuling of the event with her live feed.  #OregonDistrictWienerRace #OregonDistrictDerbyDay #WienerDogRace

Emcee Bryan Stewart kept the crowd at rapt attention, and sponsors were generous and, well, just magnificent.  Thank you, Oregon District Business Association,  Humane Society of Greater Dayton, Tito’s Vodka, Pet Wants Dayton, Lindy’s, Oregon Tails, and Miracle Corp Products.

Thank you, all participants! Thank you, weenies, volunteers and people who love fun!

We LOVE Dayton!