- May 19, 2015 -

As the Trolley Turns

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Pretty soon, you’re going to come in and notice something is just a little different.  The place looks the same, the same faces serve up your hearts’ desires, and the food smells delicious and satisfying…but…

All things come to an end.  Our fairly-famous chef is returning to his passion, fine dining, and we are staying right here, continuing to provide the best food we can find to put in front of you.  We guessed he wouldn’t be here long; he was here to help us convert our menu to fresh, nutritious and local. He gave us a year and we are very grateful for that; it helped us grow in our new direction.  You’ll soon see his smiling face at a fine restaurant not far away.

So, the Trolley Stop continues our traditions – buying local, serving our community farm-fresh ingredients, supporting local business and putting healthy food on your plates.  And having delicious beers, wines and cocktails on our fantastic patio and in our 175 year-old tavern, served up by our friendly staff.