- December 9, 2015 -

The Staff

At bars and restaurants everywhere, that person taking your order or making your sandwich might be nothing like you think…people like to work in these places.  You meet fun people, you have some adrenaline rushes, you get some much needed cash.

At […]

- October 1, 2015 -

Because Oregon District is SPECIAL

Fifth Street is receiving an award for being one of the top 5 “Greatest Streets in America“.

Hurray!  Remember the other lists we have been placed on….why little ol’ Dayton Ohio? There are just about 20,000 other cities in the U.S.!
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- May 19, 2015 -

As the Trolley Turns

Pretty soon, you’re going to come in and notice something is just a little different.  The place looks the same, the same faces serve up your hearts’ desires, and the food smells delicious and satisfying…but…

All things come to an end.  […]