- March 3, 2017 -

Come on in! It’s a warm and happy place.

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Trolley Stop front entrance

Take a Google tour of our little warm and happy tavern.  In this shot, it’s late night, late fall, there’s no one here- take your time and look around the place.

The building is 180 years old-we try to keep it as authentic as possible.  Yes, it looks dated; it’s old and kind of funky.  This place was here way before Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley came to Dayton- (the last Native Americans didn’t give up the area until after 1840).  It was here through the Civil War, through Prohibition, and this place survived the 1913 flood.

The floor, walls and the tin ceiling are original.  Two buildings make up the place now, you can see in the dining room how the wall between the buildings was partially removed.  On that wall are pictures of trolleys, and the other side has pictures of our crowd during prohibition, in the 90s, and the current group of regulars.

You can see our stage where some exciting musical moments happened-like when Ry Cooder came into town to perform with Dan Gellert, one of the finest old-time musicians in the area. Or when Cincinnati Slim killed the room with his harmonica. That time when Dow Thomas made fun of a city commissioner for urinating on the stairs.  When Jimmy Rogers and his band played here, while he was touring with the Rolling Stones (we are sure they would have loved the place).  When Joan Baez joined the Old-Time Musicians for an impromptu dance party.  That little stage…

Much of the woodwork, and the walls and ceiling in the back room is from re-purposed wooden doors from a convent.  (You can see a couple of remaining pews tucked up under some tables).  The mirrors are from when Elder Beerman closed downtown.  Butcher block tables, some remnants from Wright Pat AFB remodelling, paired up with more comfortable seats.  The bar is nothing fancy but it has a lot of tales to tell anyone who will listen.

If you click on the number 2 on the lower right corner of the map tour, it takes you upstairs to the pool room.  A few seats for a quieter atmosphere than the dining room, and upstairs is also where our restrooms are rather inconveniently located.  No peeking in there though!

Back downstairs, the patio is where people head first. It’s the perfect place for a beer or cocktail, a little food and quiet conversation.  Not visible from the street, it’s our secret (kind of).

Off the patio is a house built in 1856; it has a history too.  It was built as a residence and by the turn of the 20th century it had become Dr. Bailey’s Eye-Ear-Throat and TB Sanitarium. You can rent it for small parties, see another post for that information.

Anyway, the entire complex is a bit haunted and is full of the spirits of the past! We hope you like what you see and come back in person soon.